Don't give them your vote if they don't deserve it.
Leave It Blank

Don't know who to vote for?

So you don't like the idea of voting for a billionaire who's mean, bigoted, and dishonest despite him saying he gets things done? How about a corrupt, lying, former Security of the State who potentially has some serious health issues; No? Maybe you also can't stand the former New Mexico Governor who's way to honest about his pro-choice, pro-alternative life-style, and recreational drug use that doesn't interview well? Then there's the quacky hippy who likes to vandalize bulldozers, and is more interested in plants and animals then the quality of life of her fellow human beings. Finally, there's nobody else on enough state ballots to have a mathematical potential of wining greater then absolute zero.


So who do you vote for President of the United States of America? Maybe you'll truly throw your vote away by staying home and not voting?  How about a better option? How about leaving it blank?

Your Vote For President Doesn't Count!

What do you mean it doesn't count? Even though it may not be a direct vote it still helps decide who becomes the next president right? After all the Electoral Collage helps insure no one state can unequally override the validity of any other state's opinion.


Did you know that in the past, there was no popular vote for the president? That it was, and really still is, very much decided based on which political party has the most influence over the most states. When you vote for the Unites States President, it's really nothing more than an opinion poll. The truth is that party leaders and deeply involved party members completely control who the next president is.


Before you get all mad and want to undo the Electoral Collage, so the masses who mostly live in only a few states can ultimately vote for whatever the current popular fad is, you need to understand something.  The United States of America is not a Democracy, it is a Republic, and for good reasons; however that's beyond the scope of this web-site.


What you also need to understand is that there are other elections going on at the same time that are vastly more important then who the next president is. Especially those that effect you most, your local and state elected officials.

Who Truly Represents You?

It is human nature to want to be a part of the crowd. And thus it is natural for us all to gravitate to the most popular candidate that we hear all about day in and day out; however, did you know that giving so much power to on person, in this case the President, is a very bad idea? When one person sees that they are in charge, then have a tendency to become corrupted. Again, it's human nature.


Our Federal Government was designed to prevent us from having a dictator or elected monarchy. It was designed to separate power, and give the people a representative. The House of representatives is who truly represents you, and who you should actually be most concerned about when you go to vote.  They are the ones who set the law making addenda, who decide what is in the best interest of the people, not the President.

Vote to Be Heard, Not to Win!

We need to stop worrying so much about who's the President of the United States is, and start working more about who our elected representatives are at the state and local levels. If you truly want change in Washington D.C., then stop voting the way you have been voting.  Make it clear to your representatives that you want them to represent you and your neighborhood; not one single person who is the result of everyone voting.


How do you do this? Easy, go and vote, and leave the presidential vote blank.  Yes, that's right, you don't have to vote for a single party, you don't even have to vote for a race you aren't interested in. Just find the candidates on your ballot who you do want to support, who do represent you, and vote for them; leaving all others blank.


Only this way can you truly protest your vote, without voting for some alternative nut job or someone who only sort of represents you. Why? because if you stay home and don't vote, you don't get counted, but if you do turn in a vote with a blank spot, it will get marked as a vote left blank. If enough people do this, instead of staying home and not voting, it will get noticed, and potentially in a big way.

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